Generic HDLC and hw drivers update for 2.4

From: Krzysztof Halasa (
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 19:40:24 EST


I've put the generic HDLC update at:

Please apply to linux-2.4.21pre and linux-2.4.21-pre-ac.
Thank you.
(A patch for 2.5 kernel is in the works).

Changes summary: 1.12 - January, 2003

* Added Ethernet device emulation for raw HDLC. VLAN and bridging compatible,
  tested with RAD ChipBridge (ChipBridge doesn't work with full size VLAN
  frames, though).

* Added Ethernet device emulation for bridged Ethernet frames on Frame-Relay.

* fixed subtle transmit bug in c101.c which could lead to transmitter hangs
  and duplicated frames with SCA HD64570 working in 8-bit mode.

* no more "protocol 0008 is buggy" while using tcpdump, at last.

* Frame-Relay DCE (network) side now sorts DLCI list in PVC FULL STATUS.
  Some FR DTE had problems with unsorted list.

* Small changes to LMI logic with Frame-Relay.

* tcpdump etc. should see all frames going through physical and logical
  interfaces correctly (exception: internal syncppp.c processing).

* You can now query PVC device using sethdlc.

* You can continue to use older sethdlc.c tool, but for new functionality
  you need sethdlc-1.12.c.

>From a hardware driver point of view:
A hardware driver has to call hdlc_type_trans(skb, dev) instead of
using ETH_P_HDLC to set skb->protocol before netif_rx(skb):

         skb->dev = hdlc_to_dev (&port->hdlc);
- skb->protocol = htons (ETH_P_HDLC);
+ skb->protocol = hdlc_type_trans(skb, skb->dev);
         netif_rx (skb);

This change corrects problems with tcpdump/etc not seeing all inbound
frames correctly.

Krzysztof Halasa
Network Administrator
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