Re: [patch] sched-2.5.59-A2

From: Erich Focht (
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 07:07:55 EST

On Monday 20 January 2003 10:28, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Erich Focht wrote:
> > The results:
> > - kernbench UserTime is best for the 2.5.59 scheduler (623s). IngoB0
> > best value 627.33s for idle=20ms, busy=2000ms.
> > - hackbench: 2.5.59 scheduler is significantly better for all
> > measurements.
> >
> > I suppose this comes from the fact that the 2.5.59 version has the
> > chance to load_balance across nodes when a cpu goes idle. No idea what
> > other reason it could be... Maybe anybody else?
> this shows that agressive idle-rebalancing is the most important factor. I
> think this means that the unification of the balancing code should go into
> the other direction: ie. applying the ->nr_balanced logic to the SMP
> balancer as well.

Could you please explain your idea? As far as I understand, the SMP
balancer (pre-NUMA) tries a global rebalance at each call. Maybe you
mean something different...

> kernelbench is the kind of benchmark that is most sensitive to over-eager
> global balancing, and since the 2.5.59 ->nr_balanced logic produced the
> best results, it clearly shows it's not over-eager. hackbench is one that
> is quite sensitive to under-balancing. Ie. trying to maximize both will
> lead us to a good balance.

Yes! Actually the currently implemented nr_balanced logic is pretty
dumb: the counter reaches the cross-node balance threshold after a
certain number of calls to intra-node lb, no matter whether these were
successfull or not. I'd like to try incrementing the counter only on
unsuccessfull load balances, this would give a clear priority to
intra-node balancing and a clear and controllable delay for cross-node
balancing. A tiny patch for this (for 2.5.59) is attached. As the name
nr_balanced would be misleading for this kind of usage, I renamed it
to nr_lb_failed.


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