irport_net_open issue in 2.5.59

From: Alessandro Suardi (
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 07:49:03 EST

[crossposted to IrDA-users and l-k]

The quest to set up properly (or give up where not possible) my new Dell Latitude
 C640 is moving forward... next target, IrDA. This laptop has a chip that is not
 detected by the 'findchip' tool but is detected by kernel code (SMC LPC47N252).

My base distro is a RH8.0, with the modified rc.sysinit to allow modules to properly
 work even with newer kernels.

When irport is loaded (or perhaps when irattach is run), the module complains saying

irport_net_open(), unable to allocate irq=0

It does load, but as expected it doesn't seem to work - irdadump doesn't come up
 with any line at all.

Any hints ? Thanks in advance, ciao,

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