[RFC] /proc/net/if device/address information module

From: Burton Samograd (kruhft@kruhft.dyndns.org)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 01:28:32 EST

Hi all,

I asked a couple of weeks ago if there was a way to get the network
interface information from the proc file system for each network
device on the system and recieved little response. After browsing the
code a bit I decided to write a small module which gives acts as a
minimal replacement for the output of ifconfig, since it seemed that
this information should be easy to find in the /proc/net hierarchy but
wasn't available. After writing it for inet (IP) devices, I decided
to add IPV6 and ATalk since it wasn't much more work.

I've included the code attached (it's not very big) since I know that
at least one person wrote me back saying they wanted this feature.
I'm also interested in comments on the code as I've never written any
kernel code before and would like to know what changes would be needed
(if any) before it would be considered for inclusion in the kernel.

Hope someone finds this useful and any comments appreciated.

burton samograd

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