Bios interrupts

From: Electroniks New (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 13:42:02 EST

  1) i don't exactly understand the ports (Bios data).
   I also understand that linux does override the bios
   functions so that more functionality is acheived.

  2) Can you send the standard ports for use and i may
later use inb and
     oub on those ports for data exchange.
  3) Also what does jmp short $+2 instruction do ?How
can i change it into AT&T syntax or inline assembly
? Also what does instruction "in al,64h" do .
   I found these on the net.They are dos code i
assume. Is "in" same as mov .
   If not how do they differ ? The article was named
Enabling the A20 line.
  (never mind the article).
   It somewhere says enable .
   Any idea where can i change into AT&T syntax.It is
in Intel syntax.
  Any idea of sleep instruction in assembly. I tried
but couldn't find .
    I tried a couple of jmps but it never slows down
.How to make the pc sleep
    (asm instruction for sleep (CPU idle).I put 16000
jmps loops but didn't
    slow down a bit .
  4) If possible please explain how to use keyboard in
a similar manner.
   (If time permits then simple mouse code).
   5)I don't understand the keyboard interrupts 0x64 ,
mouse 0x33 and in some
    sites i see the keyboard controllers as 0x64
where as in some sites the
     code contains 0x10.So what should i use in my
  6) Is there any documentation for these ports to
read and write data.

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