Re: [OFFTOPIC] RMS and reactions to him

From: Nicolas Pitre (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 13:55:47 EST

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Richard Stallman wrote:

> Solely from your own point of view again. Sorry, you just managed to lose
> your credibility on this whole matter.
> With all due respect, I doubt it. I could not lose any credibility
> with you, because I had none to start with. You demanded explanations
> for this and that with an unfriendly tone.

To the contrary, I believe my original message to you was pretty neutral. I
even took great care not to be offensive. I however stated some _facts_
which aren't coherent with your credit/naming policy so you could clarify
them. You instead chose to qualify the core of my mail as unfriendly and
avoided the issue altogether.

> I figured that even if I gave good answers to all those accusations,


> it would be unlikely to win your good opinion.

At least you might have avoided the bad one.

> Insted I responded to the points that seemed worth responding to for the
> sake of other readers starting with a more neutral attitude.

I was one of them, but since you chose to qualify most of my points as not
"worth responding" since they challenge your agenda, I can only conclude
that it's not possible to have a reasonable conversation with this
narrow-minded attitude of yours.

Someone else replied to my original mail in private. We agreed to disagree
after some really interesting exchanges, yet I didn't lose any respect for
that person at all.


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