tcp_tw_bucket is broken at "tcp_timewait_kill"

From: Hua Qin (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 17:27:38 EST


I was running 2.4.18 kernel, after very heavy networking traffic, my
machine was panic.
     START: tcp_timewait_kill at c021e08c
  [f0adfe94] tcp_twkill__thr at c021e87e
  [f0adfeac] tasklet_action at c0124644
  [f0adfec8] do_softirq at c0124441
  [f0adfee8] .text.lock.tcp at c020f692
  [f0adff0c] do_generic_file_read at c01345ea
  [f0adff38] inet_setsockopt at c0228063
  [f0adff54] sys_setsockopt at c01e7c44
  [f0adff80] sys_socketcall at c01e8303
  [f0adffc0] system_call at c0108f53

I looked at tcp_tw_death_row:
tcp_tw_death_row = $13 =
 {0xd4b4d380, 0x2, 0xf3089100, 0xd4728a80, 0xe0a51300, 0xd99c2580,
0xdab52a00, 0xeb568280}

You can see the second one "0x2" is not a structure of tcp_tw_bucket.

So my question is how this wrong info could possibly being added into
tcp_tw_death_row. or is this because this memory was not clean somewhere?


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