[ANNOUNCE] Re-aim-7

From: Cliff White (cliffw@osdl.org)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 17:38:00 EST

We've decided to do a re-write of the old AIM 7 benchmark.
The goal is to make it a more modern, kernel-focused test, while
keeping the bits we like. AIM 7 calculates a 'crossover' point using
an escalating series of loads.

Project space is on Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.org/projects/re-aim-7

(couldn't think of a better name, sorry)

I'll be merging patches to start, send me suggestions and/or code.
If someone is _really excited about this, let me know and i'll add you
as a developer.

I can make a BitKeeper tree available also, if desired.

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