Re: Bad TCP checksums - can you solve the puzzle?

From: John Bradford (
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 05:42:26 EST

> Network card is verified and working. IP checksums never fail (0 packets
> lost after two days of flood ping). TCP works with same kernel, same NIC
> but on a different machine (Athlon 950) as well as with same machine,
> same NIC and Windows 98. Needless to say, it works with different
> machine (PIII) and different OS (Win2k).
> Machine is verified, it has been working reliably for years. If, instead
> of Tornado, I use a 3Com 3C509B (10Mbit EISA), the TCP works perfectly.
> But if Tornado card was defective, TCP should also work with Via Rhine
> (DFE-530TX) - but it DOESN'T. (However, drivers via-rhine and 3c59x I
> believe were made by the same author, just in case that makes any sense)

Is the bus speed of the 486, and the other machine you tested the
3x905C-TX in the same? The 486 sounds like it has EISA and PCI busses
- are you sure that the PCI bus is set to the correct clock speed?

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