ok, which wise guy did this?

From: jamal (hadi@cyberus.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 06:47:35 EST

I just booted my spanking new P4 HT PC last night using 2.5.58
and to my dissapointment the enumeration of the ethx devices is
reversed. I have 5 ethernet ports on this; eth0-4 on 2.4.x are now listed
as eth4-0. This is rude.
I immediately pointed a finger at monsieur J Garzik (thinking ethernet,
PCI enumeration hmm) but he has denied any responsibility ;-> ;-> He
thinks it may be the sysfs people.
Can anyone give justification for this? Regardless of justification
can we have some form of backward compatibility flag?

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