Re: 3c509.c

From: James Bottomley (
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 11:44:50 EST said:
> Yes, you are right. But. (I do not have an MCA machine myself, this
> was just from source inspection. Let me grep a bit more.)

> Suppose CONFIG_MCA_LEGACY is not set, and CONFIG_MCA is set. Then, as
> you say, <linux/mca-legacy.h> is not included.

Yes, and unfortunately it does this by default. The idea of CONFIG_MCA_LEGACY
was to have legacy drivers unable to compile like this. However, it seems
that most people who will be trying this don't get the CONFIG_MCA_LEGACY set.

When the option was added, I couldn't come up with a useful scheme to make the
legacy (which is almost all MCA drivers) require CONFIG_MCA_LEGACY (there's a
kernel bug about this too).

However, looking through the source, the 3c509 driver is broken anyway for MCA
(done by the eisa sysfs patches), so I think I can probably just add the extra
pieces to convert it to the new sysfs MCA API.


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