Re: Simple patches for Linux as a guest OS in a plex86 VM (please consider)

From: Kevin Lawton (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 00:11:19 EST

OK, here's my re-submit of patches, after some great
clean-up/simplification ideas from Andrew Morton and Andi Kleen.

There are now no mods to any *.{c,S,h} files. Here's
a summary of the mods:

  o Added 'Documentation/x86-hal.txt'
  o Simple mods to 'Makefile'
  o Added menu entry to 'arch/i386/Kconfig'
  o Simple mod to 'arch/i386/boot/Makefile'
  o Added 'include/asm-i386/if.h'

Only when compiling after enabling this new option,
the Makefile forces inclusion of the 'if.h' file, which
macro'izes the use of PUSHF/POPF instructions, substituting
a few lines of code which fix the broken-ness of such
logic when running with PVI (protected mode virtual interrupts).
No of this would be necessary if the VME (for vm86) semantics
were carried over to PVI.

Also, I'm including the 'Documentation/x86-hal.txt' to
state my case for getting these mods in sooner than later,
and to familiarize folks with what they're for. My bad,
not explaining it better the 1st time.


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