Re: Simple patches for Linux as a guest OS in a plex86 VM (please consider)

From: Kevin Lawton (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 10:41:23 EST

--- Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> Kinda cruel making you do all this work when Linus is unlikely to take the
> patch anyway ;)

If there's a misunderstanding of the potential here, of the commercial
potential, or the user-demand for these patches (which now touch
absolutely no existing *.{c,S,h} files, then I'm willing to communicate
those things to whomever needs it.

This is not a toy. The goal is not to continue modifying the kernel
or make anybody's life hard. The contrary is true - I don't want
any modifications. These are extremely simple patches to fix one
pair of broken instructions in PVI mode.

Coming from an x86 company, I'm betting Linus will get this
in a nano-second. Let's not speak for him.


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