Re: Linux application level timers?

From: DervishD (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 12:26:50 EST

    Hi Chris and Tom :))

> >Which Linux timer facility can be used for this?
> I used setitimer for a similar task. Since you can only have one timer
> going at any given time, I set up a linked list of timing events, with
> each event's timeout expressed as a delta from the previous event.

    Tom, if you're interested, I coded a timer multiplexor for Linux
(user space, I mean) a time ago, and although it hasn't been released
yet, has been in use for a year in The Puto Amo Window Manager, so I
think it is pretty stable. It's GPL'd, but not released yet because
it lacks documentation by now and I want to change a couple of

    If you want, I can attach you the code (is pretty simple), or
even better, you can go to, download the
window manager and pick the code from there (is a bit more updated
that mine, since has a couple of contributions). The file is called
timux.[c,h], and needs too the file chain.c for the data container.
Just let me know. And count on any help you need with TiMux ;))

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