Bug in awedrv

From: public@zakweb.de
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 15:58:21 EST

I use Debian woody and just tried to compile my first own kernel. As I
did so the compiler warned me about a failing identifier in
/drivers/sound/awe_wave.c in line 2896 (AWE_REMOVE_INFO). I don't know
much about C and nothing about kernel programming, but I searched in all
#include<*> files after any "patch" struct and found one
(/include/linux/awe_voice.h) in which I inserted one line (after line58
"#de#define AWE_REMOVE_INFO 7, which helped to compile the kernel
without failures. I don't know how it helped because the struct had
another name. But I just thought it could help you if I write this to

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