AW: 2.4.20 CPU lockup - Now with OOPS message

From: Daniel Khan (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 19:11:59 EST


> > I reported frequently system lockups today.
> > Now after some playing around (cause I don't know anything about kernel
> > debugging - Thanks to Mark Hahn for the tipps)
> > I found a way to reproduce the lock and to get the OOPS.

> Can I ask how you reproduced this? I've got several systems with TG3's
> and they only get lockups during network backups.

httpd session on the host which has big logfiles to get them changed.
Starting rsync to sync the logfiles and other stuff to the backup host.

Sometimes I have to retry 2-3 times but it crashes very reliable.
It's quite the same as the network backups you mentioning.

Daniel Khan
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