Re: Minutes from Feb 21 LSE Call

From: David Mosberger (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 14:29:38 EST

>>>>> On Sun, 23 Feb 2003 19:17:30 +0000 (UTC), (Linus Torvalds) said:

  Linus> Look at them the right way and you realize that a lot of the
  Linus> grottyness is exactly _why_ the x86 works so well (yeah, and
  Linus> the fact that they are everywhere ;).

But does x86 reall work so well? Itanium 2 on 0.13um performs a lot
better than P4 on 0.13um. As far as I can guess, the only reason P4
comes out on 0.13um (and 0.09um) before anything else is due to the
latter part you mention: it's where the volume is today.

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