Promise SATA driver GPL'd

From: Erik Andersen (
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 13:45:33 EST

Some folk I've done some consulting work for bought a zillion
Promise SATA cards. They were able to convince Promise to
release their SATA driver, which was formerly available only as
a binary only kernel module, under the terms of the GPL.

So <drum-roll, trumpets> here it is: the Promise SATA driver for
the PDC20318, PDC20375, PDC20378, and PDC20618. This driver is
released as-is. It is useful for the

        Promise SATA150 TX4
        Promise SATA150 TX2plus
        Promise SATA 378
        Promise Ultra 618

cards. As a temporary download location, the GPL'd driver can be
obtained from

Have fun! And many thanks to Promise for contributing the driver
for their cards!


Erik B. Andersen   
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