2.6.0-test6: more __init bugs

From: Robert T. Johnson
Date: Tue Sep 30 2003 - 16:04:32 EST

Here are some cases where __init code or data is referenced by
non-__init code.

- Is init_module allowed, required or forbidden to be __init?
- Ditto for Scsi_Host_Template.detect()?
- Ditto for net_device->set_config()?

Thanks for looking at these potential bugs, and sorry if I've made
any mistakes.


P.S. All these bugs were found with Cqual, the bug-finding tool
developed by Jeff Foster, John Kodumal, and many others, and available
at http://www.cs.umd.edu/~jfoster/cqual/, although the currently
released version of cqual only has primitive support for
__init bug-finding.

Linux 2.6.0-test6:

** Probably a bug:
** drivers/net/tokenring/ibmtr.c:channel_def (__init)
referenced by drivers/net/tokenring/ibmtr.c:ibmtr_probe1() (__devinit)
called by drivers/net/tokenring/ibmtr.c:ibmtr_probe() (__devinit)
is stored in a dev_link_t->irq.Instance->init()
returned by drivers/net/pcmcia/ibmtr_cs.c:ibmtr_attach() (not __init)
Note: So it looks like ibmtr_probe() can be called any time
a token ring pcmcia card is inserted, which may be after
Fix: Make all this stuff non-__init when it's used for the pcmcia
version of the driver?

** Probably a bug?
** drivers/net/wan/sdla.c:valid_port (__init)
referenced by sdla_set_config() (not __init)
Note: sdla_set_config() is stored as a net_device->set_config().
Is such a function allowed to touch __init data?
Fix: declare valid_port as not __init.

** Possible bug:
** drivers/net/tokenring/3c359.c:xl_init() (__init)
called by xl_probe() (__devinit)
Fix: declare xl_init __devinit or declare xl_probe __init.
Note: xl_probe is used as a pci_driver->probe() field.

** Possible bug:
** drivers/char/ipmi/ipmi_msghandler.c:ipmi_init_msghandler() (__init)
called by numerous non-__init functions
Note: ipmi_init_msghandler() is an alias for init_module
Fix: declare ipmi_init_msghandler non-__init.

** Code can be declared __init
** drivers/net/acenic.c:probed (__init)
referenced by: acenic_probe() (__devinit)
only caller: ace_module_init() (__init)
Fix: Make acenic_probe() __init?

** Probably not a bug?
** drivers/message/fusion/mptscsih.c:mptscsih_setup() (__init)
called from drivers/message/fusion/mptscsih.c:mptscsih_detect() (not __init)
Note: mptscsih_detect() is a Scsi_Host_Template.detect() function.
Can detect() functions be __init?
Fix: either declare mptscsih_setup() non-__init OR
declare mptscsih_detect() as __init

** Probably not a bug?
** drivers/scsi/qla1280.c:driver_setup (__init)
referenced by qla1280_read_nvram() (not __init)
called by qla1280_initialize_adapter() (not __init)
called by qla1280_do_device_init() (not __init)
called by qla1280_detect() (not __init)
Note: qla1280_detect is a Scsi_Host_Template->detect() routine.
Fix: make all this stuff __init?

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