Re: vaio doesn't poweroff with 2.4.22

From: Adam Kessel
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 12:27:41 EST

There are apparently several HP OmniBook models that don't poweroff with
ACPI under 2.4.22 as well.

HP hasn't released a new BIOS for the OmniBook 500 since pre-2001, so I
have to boot with acpi=force.

Up through 2.4.22rc2 the OB500 shut down fine with ACPI. Somewhere in
between 2.4.22rc2 and 2.4.22 ACPI shut down stopped working. With
2.4.23-pre7, it still doesn't work.

Reboot, however, works fine.

Does anyone know what change occurred between 2.4.22rc2 and 2.4.22 that
would have caused the power down to stop working?
Adam Kessel
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