From: ejikemel
Date: Sat Nov 01 2003 - 05:39:28 EST


From:Bar.ejikeme lucky Chukwunoso Chambers

(Advocate and Solicitor)
56 Rue Boulevard Djankasse B.P.50214

As it may interest you to know, I got your impressive information through internet searching for a good and relaible contact
which i will entrust this business opportunity into his control, I was elated when i saw your address,and i picked a keen interest
with confidence to solicit for your help in executing this transaction.

However,i was moved to contact you based on the present situation of this transaction which i may say that it is a God given
offer, there was a foreigner who lived here in Cotonou-Benin some time ago called Arthur Billings by name,and it happened that
the man registered with me as his personal attorney,unfortunately the man died with his wife and their two kids in a plane crash
which happened on 30th October, 1999. Owing to the death of this man called Arthur Billings by name,his bank called on me for
his fund with the bank as his attorney since January 2000,to invite his relatives
to come and claim the money,i tried all i could to trace his family,but all my efforts proved arbortive,then from January this year
2003,till now,the bank has been presurising me to look for his family because there is lot of swindlers have been forwarding
application to claim the money as his next of kin,but it happened that after much verification,they will find out that those people
were crooks,because they cannot provide a legal evidence to prove that they were his relative.

Moreover,i have decided to use you as his next of kin to claim this fund as it stands since his relatives were not available up till
now, i have all the important document's in my file which i will back you up before the bank as his next of kin,i will still obtain a
genuine legal evidence which i will make out in your name to satisfy that you are the rightful next of kin to the deceased.

Furthermore,the amount involved is ($12.750,000.00)Twelve Million,Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States
Dollars,therefore i will like you to furnish me with your full name and address,fax/phone which i will use to secure the legal
documents,as soon as i receive these information,i will forward a text of application to you which you will submit to the paying
department bank as his next of kin.i will assured you that this is 100% free risk involved as i have perfected and made the
neccessary arrangements to back you up in claiming this fund.

Finally,you have to maintain the high secret of this deal demands as the bank does not know that i am using you to claim the
money on my own,besides,i agree to give you 30% of the total money for your help ,and i will like to invest my own part of the
money in your country based on your assistant and your advice.Therefore ,i am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as
posible .

TELEPHONE 00229-089407
Best Regards,
Bar.ejikme lucky Esq


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