2.6 on my Laptop little report

From: Ruben Puettmann
Date: Sat Nov 01 2003 - 07:21:38 EST


I hope I can give with this little document a little overview about the problem
from 2.6 with some of the new IBM Thinkpad laptops. My english is not the best
but I hope that it will help the people to see what's going wrong.

First: cpufreqd

If I boot with AC connectet the cpu will be detected with 1499 Mhz max.
If I boot from akku only 599 Mhz max will be detected.

Second: ACPI

complete broken some fixes you can find in :

But It fixes not al error's and problems.

Third : APM and suspend

apm work fine but there are many problems with suspend.

Usb is not suspend save. You must stop hotplug, rmmod all modules for

XFree is not suspend save. You must change to an text base console stoping X
and then suspend

If I activate the two synaptic devices the thinkpad has after resume the
synaptics is broken. I have disabled the touchpad in bios and use only the
litte red pad in teh keyboard suspend and resume works fine.

On windows I can sit in the garden from my parents surfing via wlan the akku
keeps the laptop running nearly 6 hours. On linux the max time I reached was 4
hours with the cpu @ 74 Mhz.

There are many debug messages on suspending und resume. Do we need them all?

The problems are all with 2.6.0-tes8-bk1.

Many people found the same errors on the laptop's not only on Thinkpads. The X
problem was found on ati radeon at 128 and the intel graphic boards so that it
seems that it is not an bug in one driver.

Is there some work in progess? Are some patches outside I can test?


Ruben Puettmann

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