hard lockup with 2.6.0-test[789]

From: Miek Gieben
Date: Sat Nov 01 2003 - 08:17:46 EST


i'm experiencing hard lockups with the 2.6 kernel running on my firewall.

The machine:
pentium II,
192 MB memory - did not run memtest though
uses reiserfs as / fs

replaced harddisk - old one had bad blocks
current harddisk: 4.3 maxtor

2.4.22 ran ok - no problem
2.6.0-test6 - ok ( haven't fully tested this though)
test7 - crash
test8 - crash
test9 - crash

crash after a warm reboot. Turning the machine off and then booting
it seems to make it run ok. But not always...

There is no oops, no nothing. The only thing I can do is reset the machine.
The role of the machine is to act as firewall.

It crashes after the boot - everything goes ok, until the prompt. Then
after a few seconds: a hard lock.

If it does _not_ crash (i've run crashme on the test9 once) it keeps going for
days and even longer (usally it runs until I update the kernel)

Right now i've switched / to another partition using ext3. It _looks_ like it
doesn't crash anymore, so my suspicion is that it is reiserfs related, but i'm
only guessing here.

My server also has a reiserfs partition (though not as /) and it has no problems
with it...

What can I do to find the cause of it? I've already disabled dma but that seems
to make no difference.

grtz Miek
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