can someone PLEASE address this bug?(usb keyboard)

From: Mr. Mailing List
Date: Sat Nov 01 2003 - 12:12:49 EST

I have posted and posted about this bug, introduced
around test3, because unplugging and replugging my
keyboard gets really old after a while. I had figured
whoever introduced it would fix it. That didn't
happen, so I figured someone else would fix it after
submitting a bug report, but no, it continued to make
the next release.

PLEASE, I am not trying to be rude, but I do not know
how else to report that this is, in fact a bug

with my uhci interface, it will either turn off after
a while(the keyboard completely) or all the lights go
on(Reset?) and the keycodes go screwy. On my ohci
interface(usb 2 card) the former still happens.


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