Re: Synaptics losing sync

From: Ricardo Galli
Date: Sat Nov 01 2003 - 17:48:03 EST

On Saturday 01 November 2003 22:04, Peter Osterlund shaped the electrons
to shout:
> > The laptop is a Dell X200 with APM and cpufreq enabled, and IO-apic
> > disabled.
> >
> > I tested with and w/o preemptive kernel and cpufreq with the same
> > results.
> Did you try without APM? My laptop loses many clock ticks if I enable
> APM. It works fine with ACPI though.

It seems this is the problem, running with acpi during half an hour
without any error. The synaptics mouse feels much "smoother" too.

But ACPI doesn't see the battery nor the power button in my laptop though.

Thanks, after months trying the new synaptics driver, fianlly you pointed
out the problem.

ricardo galli GPG id C8114D34

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