Re: [ACPI] [PATCH][RFC] Clean up Kconfig logic for IA64 ACPI

From: Matthew Wilcox
Date: Sat Nov 01 2003 - 23:38:00 EST

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 08:05:44PM -0800, Noah J. Misch wrote:
> I do not read linux-ia64 regularly, so I did not notice your work. I
> apologize for not acknowledging it.

No problem ;-)

> Why not include drivers/Kconfig and scrap the individual subdirectory
> includes, as i386 does?

At that time, I hadn't done the work to create drivers/Kconfig ;-)
The main problem for ia64 is the simulator stuff. Maybe something like:

if !IA64_HP_SIM
source "drivers/Kconfig"

if IA64_HP_SIM
source "drivers/base/Kconfig"
source "drivers/scsi/Kconfig"
source "net/Kconfig"
source "drivers/block/Kconfig"
source "arch/ia64/hp/sim/Kconfig"

(I guess Kconfig needs an "else" keyword).

(Also the duplication of drivers/block/Kconfig is no longer necessary).

> Also, it looks like your patch makes ACPI non-mandatory. Is that intentional?

Hmmm... no ;-) I agree the "select" should probably go in -- we seem
to be infected with ACPI for the foreseeable future ;-(

I imagine these kinds of patches can go into 2.6.1 -- the freeze should
let up a bit by then.

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