Re: 2.6.0test9 Reiserfs boot time "buffer layer error at fs/buffer.c:431"

From: Hans Reiser
Date: Sun Nov 02 2003 - 06:56:22 EST

Herbert Xu wrote:

On Sun, Nov 02, 2003 at 01:40:11AM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:

Where are the separated patches?

There are no separate patches. You can check the README.Debian file
for the details of the changes.

That's 170k of stuff you're sitting on. Is there any plan to get it synced

I submit them as they come in. The bulk of the size comes from the
making IDE modules work which isn't right yet.

The rest of them which are suitable for general consumption have
been submitted previously. I will resend them later.

Why in the world do you guys do this? Andrew and Marcelo do a good job, and I haven't heard much complaint about patches being ignored by them, so follow the leader. If you have patches you need, send them to them.


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