virt_to_page/pci_map_page vs. pci_map_single

From: Jamie Wellnitz
Date: Sun Nov 02 2003 - 13:13:05 EST

I see code similar to the following in a few drivers (qlogicfc,
sym53c8xx, acenic does something similar):

page = virt_to_page(buffer);
offset = ((unsigned long)buffer & ~PAGE_MASK);
busaddr = pci_map_page(pci_dev, page, offset, len, direction);

How is this preferable to:

pci_map_single( pci_dev, buffer, len, direction);


pci_map_single can't handle highmem pages (because they don't have a
kernel virtual address) but doesn't virt_to_page suffer from the same
limitation? Is there some benefit on architectures that don't have

Jamie Wellnitz
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