Re: Things that Longhorn seems to be doing right

From: Nikita Danilov
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 07:42:55 EST

Theodore Ts'o writes:


> I believe that there is a big difference between, "I want the file
> named /home/tytso/src/e2fsprogs/e2fsck/e2fsck.c", and "I remember
> vaguely that 5 years ago, I read a paper about the effects of high-fat
> diets on akida's, where the first name of the author was Tom". The
> first is a filename lookup. The second is a search. I would like
> better search tools for files in a filesystem, no doubt. But I would
> never, ever put a search that might return an ambiguous number of
> responses (that might change over time as more files are added to the
> filesystem) in a Makefile as a source file.

It is called "a directory". :) There is no crime in putting

cc src/*.c

into Makefile. I think that Hans' query-result-object denoting multiple
objects is more like directory than single regular file.


> - Ted

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