Re: Reiserfs 3.5 disk format and kernel 2.6.0test9

From: Oleg Drokin
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 14:54:21 EST


Jorge P?rez "Burgos (Koke)" <koke@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
JPrBK> I have several partitions with 3.5.x reiserfs disk format, when i boot
JPrBK> up with kernel 2.6.0test9, i have these errors in each partition, even
JPrBK> though the system seems to work well:
JPrBK> buffer layer error at fs/buffer.c:431
JPrBK> Call Trace:
JPrBK> [<c01559f5>] __find_get_block_slow+0x85/0x120

This all looks like this newly discovered problem with 2.6.0-test9 + debian
patchset. Either unapply the part about not doing truncate_inode_pages() in

or apply this patch below which should also help.


===== fs/reiserfs/super.c 1.69 vs edited =====
--- 1.69/fs/reiserfs/super.c Tue Sep 23 07:16:25 2003
+++ edited/fs/reiserfs/super.c Sun Nov 2 11:11:36 2003
@@ -942,6 +942,7 @@
struct buffer_head * bh;
struct reiserfs_super_block * rs;
+ int fs_blocksize;

bh = sb_bread (s, offset / s->s_blocksize);
@@ -961,8 +962,9 @@
// ok, reiserfs signature (old or new) found in at the given offset
- sb_set_blocksize (s, sb_blocksize(rs));
+ fs_blocksize = sb_blocksize(rs);
brelse (bh);
+ sb_set_blocksize (s, fs_blocksize);

bh = sb_bread (s, offset / s->s_blocksize);
if (!bh) {
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