Re: Kernel 2.4.22 oops with visor.o and pppd

From: David Jez
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 04:30:15 EST

> When I try to link my Palm Tungsten T to linux through USB using pppd to
> establish a network connection, the connection goes well for a while but
> then it disconnects and the kernel oops.
> Using Kernel 2.4.22 on redhat 9
> pppd version 2.4.1

Try update for newer redhat kernel or 2.4.23-pre5. Tt is fixed since

David "Dave" Jez Brno, CZ, Europe
E-mail: dave.jez@xxxxxxxxx
PGP key: finger xjezda00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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