Re: how to restart userland?

From: Thierry Vignaud
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 11:24:50 EST

Helge Hafting <helgehaf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> > > Is there a reason you want to "completely" restart userland and
> > > *not* reboot (for instance, wanting to keep existing mounts,
> > > etc)?
> > Extensive userland upgrades (glibc is a nice example I guess),
> > etc.
> Consider using debian then - a glibc upgrade there is no problem as
> various services (including init) are restarted automatically mostly
> without disturbing running applications.

this should be mandatory in the packaging system.
mandrake too restart servers on glibc update.

this is definitively not a kernel problem, but a userland one.

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