[ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.3.2/3.4 ColdFire toolchain for uClinux (20031103)

From: Bernardo Innocenti
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 17:28:57 EST


I've released a new snapshot of the uClinux/ColdFire toolchain
based on GCC 3.3.2 and GCC 3.4-prerelease:


This release incorporares quite a lot of updates and fixes
since the last official announcement.

Changes in release 20031102:

* Update GCC to 3.3.2 and 3.4-20031029;
* Update binutils to version;
* Finished integrating uClinux and ColdFire support in
official GCC and binutils. The 3.4 toolchain now builds
with no patches except for some pending GCC 3.4 bugfixes;
* Use self-extracting archives for all binary packages;
* Fix GCC 3.4 packaging problem (thanks to Frank Baumgart).

Changes in release 20031006:

* Most ColdFire and uClinux patches are now incorporated
in the official GCC 3.4 snapshots.
* Update GDB to 6.0, with new BDM patches.
* Update uClibc to 0.9.21.
* Enable pthreads support in uClibc (lightly tested).
* Split binary distribution in three packages (base, C++ and GDB).
* Several bugfixes all over the build script and patches.

Changes in release 20030811:

* Upgraded GCC 3.3.1 to the official release;
* Update links for GCC 3.4 to really point at the 20030806

Changes in release 20030808:

* uClibc multilibs for -msep-data were being built as
shared libraries (reported by Chen Qi).
* Update elf2flt from uClinux CVS and drop all patches.
* Update GCC 3.4 snapshot to 20030806. Fixes problems with -MD,
builds kernel, breaks libstdc++ multilibs (still investigating).
* Apply small fixes to GCC 3.4 patchset.
* Integrate GDB 5.3 with BDM support
* Restore building GCC 3.3.1 (got broken in previous release)
* Test with GCC 2.95.3: surprisingly, it still builds fine...

// Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.
\X/ http://www.develer.com/

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