Re: 2.6.0-test9 SATA and 1394 problems

From: Erik Steffl
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 19:26:34 EST

Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:

I have been running 2.6.0-t9 on an Asus A7V600 VIA VT600-based MB for a few days now. All seems relatively stable, which is good. A few issues to report, though, the most serious of which is that my SATA controller (VIA 8237 Southbridge) is only detected properly when the machine is fully power-cycled (that is, plug out the back, not just soft-off). When that is done, all seems well and the drives run fine. If you reboot the machine without a full power-cycle, the SATA controller is detected but no drives are found. Drives are new Seagate 7200.7 SATA 120Gig. I've tried disabling acpi, setting pci=noacpi and setting pci=usepirqmask as suggested in the acpi startup messages, but none of this helped.

I have similar problem with intel D865PERL motherboard. only it happens rarely. It seems that _sometime_ when I restart system the BIOS does not recognize SATA drives (it waits for a fairly long time), linux then does not recognize SATA drives either.

it doesn't seem to be linux specific (IIRC it happened when rebooting win xp pro as well).


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