Re: mouse problem on 2.6.0-test9-bk9

From: Eric Sandall
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 12:14:24 EST

Quoting Bob Gill <gillb4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I recently patched 2.6.0-test9 to 2.6.0-test9-bk9. Hard disk cache read
> timings on /dev/hda went from 13 to 24 MB/sec, and on /dev/hdb from 24
> to 28 MB/sec. The problem is that my mouse became slow. It was very
> fast in 2.6.0-test9, but with bk9 it became very slow (4 edge-to-edge
> drags across the mouse pad to go across the screen). "xset m 9 1"
> works, but I am at times unable to resize windows (the mouse is skipping
> over the edge of the window). Option "Resolution" "250" in Section
> "InputDevice" of XF86Config and restarting the X server does not work
> either (nor does substituting for 250 : 15, 100, 500, 2000, 15000).
> It's a minor thing, but it would be nice to change the mouse speed
> again.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Bob Gill <gillb4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I also notice this on 2.6.0-test9-mm1 (haven't tried -mm2 yet). If I increase
the sensitivity in GNOME 2.4, it feels 'shaky' (it jumps around a bit when
moving it) and is still slower than I'd like (I can get it closer by increasing
the acceleration to x10, but then the mouse is even shakier when I try to move
it only a little).


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