IrDA patches for 2.6.X

From: Jean Tourrilhes
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 14:39:57 EST

Hi Dave,

Here is a set of patches for 2.6.0-test10. As per Linus
requirement, those are only critical bug fixes. The first Oops was
experienced by various people on LKML, the second by me.
Patches tested on 2.6.0-test9, please push to Linus...




[FEATURE] : Add a new feature to the IrDA stack
[CORRECT] : Fix to have the correct/expected behaviour
[CRITICA] : Fix potential kernel crash

ir2609_ircomm_might_sleep-2.diff :
<Original patch from Martin Diehl>
o [CRITICA] Don't do copy_from_user() under spinlock
o [CRITICA] Always access self->skb under spinlock

ir2609_irnet_ppp_open_race-2.diff :
o [CRITICA] Prevent sending status event to dead/kfree sockets
o [CORRECT] Disable PPP access before deregistration
PPP deregistration might sleep -> race condition

ir2609_irlmp_open_leak.diff :
<Original patch from Chris Wright>
o [CORRECT] Prevent 'self' leak on error in irlmp_open.
ASSERT is compiled in only with DEBUG option => risk = 0.
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