undo an mke2fs !!

From: Robert Gyazig
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 00:59:49 EST

Hi Ted and others,

I created a new partition on my disk, and without
noticing the change in the hdaX of the partition i did
an mke2fs /dev/hdaX. :(

Unfortunately it was my /home partition and was an
ext3 partition earlier. Can anyone please advice on
how to
retrieve the old data.

I read that mke2fs nukes all the meta information, so
does that mean all inodes are destroyed and there is
no hope for me ?!?!?

i did a cat /dev/hdaX > /dev/hdaY, which was an empty
partition earlier so that I can play around a bit. I
tried couple of things with debugfs but coudn't go
much far.


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