Re: nforce2 random lockups - still no solution ?

From: Samuel Kvasnica
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 05:46:54 EST

Now, in the system with MSI K7N2 motherboard I have a framegrabber
(Hauppauge PVR-250) installed, using ivtv driver.
I'm able to lock-up the system when streaming uncompressed video
(e.g. cat /dev/yuv0 >/dev/null) and the lockups are also hard, w/o
debug info. The ivtv driver is using DMA very heavily but seems to
work on other chipsets. So these lock-up problems might be rather DMA
then APIC related. Interesting is that I've never had such a lock-up
when running WinXP on same computer ( :-) seems impossible), even
under load and with the framegrabber.

It can be a too-aggressive chipset configuration triggering chipset big.

Maybe do lspci -vvvxxx and it's WinXP equivalent (I think such tool
for Win ought to exist somewhere, although I had no need for it yet)
and compare the result.

It was local APIC ! After recompiling 2.4.22 without local apic everything works smoothly since several weeks. I wonder when there'll be a kernel
patch that really solves these nforce2/amd issues.

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