Re: 2.9test9-mm1 and DAO ATAPI cd-burning corrupt

From: Prakash K. Cheemplavam
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 08:43:49 EST

Heh indeed, maybe because the archs I use are still at 100. Looks
suspiciously like it's loosing timer interrupts, which would indeed
point to PIO.

bash-2.05b# hdparm -I /dev/hdc

-i please

bash-2.05b# hdparm -i /dev/hdc


Model=LITE-ON LTR-16102B, FwRev=OS0K, SerialNo=
Config={ Fixed Removeable DTR<=5Mbs DTR>10Mbs nonMagnetic }
RawCHS=0/0/0, TrkSize=0, SectSize=0, ECCbytes=0
BuffType=unknown, BuffSize=0kB, MaxMultSect=0
(maybe): CurCHS=0/0/0, CurSects=0, LBA=yes, LBAsects=0
IORDY=yes, tPIO={min:227,w/IORDY:120}, tDMA={min:120,rec:120}
PIO modes: pio0 pio1 pio2 pio3 pio4
DMA modes: mdma0 mdma1 *mdma2

* signifies the current active mode

The same: dma is active.

Is it normal that SCSI subsystem gets init'ed, even though nothing of it is activated in the kernel?

No, you still have it left in your kernel options.

Cannot be or there is a bug in the makefile. First I tried make oldconfig, then I noticed this thing coming up, so I did make clen and still it caame, then mrproper and everything in config by hand, and still coming up. But I booted the "old" kernel up, where I didn't have thouse mouse stutterings and it alsa shows that scsi subsystem gets activated. What do I do wrong then? Should I post the .config?


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