Re: I2C parallel port adapters drivers

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 17:37:02 EST

> hi,
> sorry for the late answer.

No problem. After all, you're the first one to answer, too ;)

> you're right, the drivers are very similar, and typically you will
> only use one of them. It is of course possible to integrate them all
> into one physical module, which you are free to do :) This is more or
> less grounded on historic reasons far back in the development of the
> driver where I introduced the different hardware access
> implementations to accomodate the different implementations (and this
> went eventually into the kernel...).
> So I'd say, go ahead and code :)

OK, I'll write a unified driver then. Just one more question. Any reason
to prefer direct I/O access (ELV/Velleman) over parallel-port-style
programming (i2c-philips-par)? I'd say that the second is preferable,
but you might have had a reason to use direct access, that I ignore. If
not, I'll somehow use i2c-philips-par as a base for my unified driver,
which I'll probably call i2c-parport (since it won't be Philips-specific
anymore). That driver would support Philips adapters, ELV, Velleman and
ADM evaluation boards (I have one here for testing).

Thanks a lot for spending some time replying.

Jean Delvare
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