Re: hard lockup with 2.6.0

From: Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 17:53:08 EST


I'm experiencing same hard lockups:

Machine (which seem stable until then) just hard locks without any prior
notice. It's a Pentium II 233, running 192KB of RAM (PC133).

I've ran memtest86 to no avail. Everything seems ok.
I've run badblocks, fsck'ed and dd'ed two entire hard disk without any
single error. I've done 24 runs of kernel compilation without any single
SIG11. Then (randomly) machine stops responding to everything. Sometimes
disk spin down.

As a side note, the machine acts as a NAT router running iptables and
I've had two corrupted files (one Windows Service pack, unistallable)
and one DivX file with errors.

Hope that helps.

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