Re: Suspend to disk panicked in -test9.

From: bill davidsen
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 18:51:38 EST

In article <200310292333.06470.rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Rob Landley <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

| > In the meantime, keeping a digital camera close by when testing is a
| > low tech/high tech solution to this.
| Very few McDonalds have a digital camera behind the register to loan out. I
| was lucky they printed out some blank cash register paper for me to write the
| panic down on. (Ordinarily, I take notes on my laptop...)

If you don't carry a camera then bring a spare laptop ;-)

| If this was easily reproducible, I'd recreate it at home under a serial
| console. (Well, this being a "modern" laptop with no serial port, maybe I
| could I could rig up a parallel port console or something. But the
| principle's the same. No, don't ask me why this thing has no serial port but
| does have a parallel port. Ask IBM.)

I assume because serial mice and printers are rare, parallel printers
are not. That said, I would not buy a laptop w/o serial, too useful for
other things.
bill davidsen <davidsen@xxxxxxx>
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Doing interesting things with little computers since 1979.
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