Re: test9: suspend no go

From: Jan Dittmer
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 19:21:38 EST

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Pavel Machek wrote:
| Hi!
|>A little contribution to the ongoing suspend saga. This is a Sony Vaio
|>SRX51P Laptop (P3 Mobile CPU, i820 chipset).
| Few tips:
| If you want to trick swsusp/S3 into working, you might want to try:
| * go with minimal config, turn off drivers like USB you don't really
| need

Tried it with minimal config. Base problem is, that after suspending,
I've no way to wake up the laptop again, but power cycling.
That means:
~ "mem": after power cycling it is doing a 'normal' reboot. (okay memory
contents is lost, so this is somewhat expected)
~ "disk": hey, after power cycling it indeed resumes to the previous
state. so I tried to compile in some more stuff. What breaks it is AGP
support :-(. Are there any patches around which may fix this?

Any idea, why the laptop is not powering on again after suspend? I can
hold down the power switch as long as I want to, but the laptop doesn't
do a thing.


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