Re: 2.9test9-mm1 and DAO ATAPI cd-burning corrupt

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 19:30:20 EST

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, John Bradford wrote:

> Quote from Linus Torvalds <torvalds@xxxxxxxx>:
> > ide-scsi has always been broken. You should not use it, and indeed there
> > was never any good reason for it existing AT ALL. But because of a broken
> > interface to cdrecord, cdrecord historically only wanted to touch SCSI
> > devices. Ergo, a silly emulation layer that wasn't really worth it.
> Hmmm, but ide-scsi is used for a lot more than cd recorders these
> days. Alan mentioned 'crazy' SATA devices back in April.

I mentioned ide tapes and ZIP drives, Linus didn't mention how one gets
around those.

> (Not that I'm suggesting that it is particularly sane to deal with an
> SATA connected printer by presenting it as a SCSI device, but I just
> can't see how ide-scsi could successfully be removed now :-( )

And I don't see the joy of doing so. Unless someone wants to write new
versions of all the SCSI software out in use, a lot of functionality is
lost. In the long run it might have been better to simply fix or rewrite
ide-scsi and stop using the ide interface, becuase disk manufacturers
certainly aren't going to stop making scsi and it needs to be supported
anyway. I guess Doug Gilbert is doing other things now, I would have
expected at least an opinion out of him ;-)

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