2.4.23 includes Andrea's VM?

From: Ian Soboroff
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 09:53:09 EST

I have a machine with 12GB of RAM, and I've been running a 2.4.22-era
kernel with Andrea's patches on it, otherwise it dies from lack of

The latest -aa patch is for 2.4.23-pre6, but I see in the 2.4.23
Changelog that at least some bits of Andrea's VM were merged. Should
I be able to run a vanilla 2.4.23 on this box?

(Well, vanilla modulo XFS, but I know how to apply patches ;-)

For the record, I tried hand-merging the last -aa patch into
2.4.22-rc5 last week, but it wasn't 100% stable so I may have fudged
something. (It would lock up when the console blanked...)


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