Re: Serial ATA (SATA) for Linux status report

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 13:31:09 EST

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
Jeff Garzik wrote:

Yes, a tested patch would be great, thanks!

(hijacking this subthread, sorry)

Jeff, you mentioned in the status report "don't remove an operating disk from an ICH5, hotplug is not supported".

Does this mean hardware damage, or just serious libata/ICH5 confusion? I've got a six-disk server here with two disks on an ICH5 and four on an SATA150 TX4, and I really would like to be able to hot-replace a disk in case of a failure. If the ICH5 cannort support this, I'm going to have to get a 3ware card.

_Probably_ no hardware damage, but I do not know for sure. I do not it will likely lockup, and data corruption is also a possibility.

As I mentioned in another email, ICH5 hardware does not support hot removal. HOWEVER. If the OS driver is given sufficient notice, it can shut down the port, and the sysadmin may then unplug the SATA cable.

As a tangent, your TX4 hardware fully supports hotplug, but libata does not yet support it.


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