Re: SCO's infringing files list

From: Mitchell Blank Jr
Date: Tue Dec 23 2003 - 11:08:12 EST

Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
> I found only a mail in linux-activists: It say """
> 4. lots of stuffs added to errno.h and string/errlist.c.

Yeah, I just found that one too - its in digest485 from the tarball

| From: hlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (H.J. Lu)
| Subject: Re: gcc-2.2.2 patches for linux?
| Date: 19 Jul 92 15:42:48 GMT
| This is gcc 2.2.2 for Linux. It is on under
| /pub/Linux/GCC. Gcc 2.3 will support Linux, according to RMS. The FSF
| has all the files Linux needs.

Note that this is back when gcc and libc were distributed together, both
by H J Lu. The file list in the announcement includes:

| 1. 2.2.2db.tar.Z (cpp, libg.a and libc_p.a)
| 2. 2.2.2lib.tar.Z (cc1, cc1plus)
| 3. 2.2.2misc.tar.Z (header files, drivers, libs, doc, ....)
| 4. shlib-2.2.2.tar.Z (making the shared libs for gcc 2.2.2)
| 5. libc-2.2.2.tar.Z (source code for the libs)
| 6. gcc-2.2.2.tar.Z (patches for compiling gcc 2.2.2)
| 7. 0.96bp2inc.tar.Z (the kernel header files for 0.96b patch level 2)

The last file seems to be a modified version of the 0.96bp2 header files
needed in order to work with the new gcc release (searching for that filename
turns up a message discussing it a little) So I'm guessing that the
July 25, 1992 errno.h in the linux tree is a merge from this code.

Now, does anyone have a copy of "0.96bp2inc.tar.Z" lying around?

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