Re: [Swsusp-devel] Re: swsusp problems [was Re: Your opinion on the merge?]

From: Michael Frank
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 09:20:27 EST

On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:32:31 +0100, Karol Kozimor <sziwan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thus wrote Michael Frank:
Which reminds me of the "failed to read a chunk" message, the guys who
it got all quiet after telling them to do more badblocks testing without
diskcaching or
using dd to write random data and read them back, so likely was caused by
media problems.

I'm not so sure, at least in my case. Sure, badblocks /dev/hda1 reports an
access beyond end, but neither badblocks /dev/hda1 $SIZEOF_HDA1 nor SMART
do. Anyway, the alleged bad blocks are at the end of a 400 MB partition, so
unless swsusp allocated swap randomly, there's hardly any chance I could
hit them with 256 MB RAM and LZF on. But then, this failure was a single
event in my case, while others reported some regularity.
Best regards,

Badblocks error reading beyond the end of the partition is irrelevant,
it is a primitive bug somewhere unrelated to media condition.

Also Badblocks without disabling drive cache is _utterly_useless_.

It will not be a bare swsusp bug, I would have hit that in 20K+ cycles
since using LZF and a thousand or so of other 2.4 users would have
hit it too.

Please help indentify the actual problem by running some decent tests.

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