[no subject]

From: Jeremy D. May
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 13:51:05 EST

this may have been discussed but i did not find anything.

my P4 (was 2.4 but i droped it to a 1.7 when this startted) has been
locking up. previously i was not getting any error msgs or anything just
lock up and no responce from it. now i get this error:

Mar 24 13:39:25 morpheous kernel: setkey() failed flags=100100
Mar 24 13:39:25 morpheous kernel: failed to load transform for arc4x ECB

that is all i get in my kernel msgs from it (yes that one is a few days old)

i got some strange msgs on the console this last lockup. i dont know what
to do next if someone could point me in the right direcction.

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