Linux 2.2.27-pre1 released

From: Marc-Christian Petersen
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 14:37:29 EST

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Hi all,

now some more fixes with 2.2.27-pre1. Please test. Have fun :)

- -----------
o fixed TCP keepalive bug (Neal Cardwell)
o fixed tcp seq nr wrapping bug (Ulrik De Bie)
o added cciss root translation table (Eduard Bloch)
o VIA KL133/KM133 northbridge: vga console going crazy (Roberto Biancardi)
o speedup 'make dep' (Benoit Poulot-Cazajous)
o disabled MCE only on Pentiums by default (2.4 backport) (Herbert Xu)
(boot with 'mce' if your MCE works as expected)
o skb_realloc_headroom() panics when new headroom is (James Morris)
smaller than existing headroom
o invalid nh.raw use after free (Julian Anastasov)
o fix a local APIC initaliziation ordering bug that (Andrea Arcangeli)
triggers on the P4
o TSC calibration must be dynamic and not a compile (Andrea Arcangeli)
time thing because gettimeofday is dynamic and it
depends on the TSCs to be in sync
o fix deadlock on shutdown in 8139too (Herbert Xu)
o support for ELF executables which use an a.out format (Solar Designer)
interpreter (dynamic linker) moved into a separate
configuration option and disabled by default
o fixed sys_utimes perm check according to sys_utim (Al Viro)
o show us the saved kernel command line (2.4 backport) (me)
o some whitespace cleanups, some coding style cleanups (me)
o fixed some gcc warnings (me)
o add PCI ID for 82820 NIC to eepro100 network driver (me)
o move 'Network device support' near 'Networking options' (me)

- --
Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen

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